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Whole School and Cluster Projects

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 HIV / AIDS Assembly


The Why Knot? group in the Gordon Schools delivered a series of assemblies to the whole school early in January. Here is their presentation. YouTube plugin error



At the same time our Namibian partners held an awareness raising event. You can read about it here.


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The Worlds Biggest Lesson


On April 23 all our cluster schools took part in an attempt to break the world record for the biggest ever lesson. This ecvent was organised by the Global Campaign for Education and was aimed at raising awareness of the fact that 72 million children  throughout the world do not have access to education.

Pupils learned about the effects of not going to school and they were encouraged to think about what they could do to help the 72 million children who are missing out.

At the same time our partner in Namibia (Khomas High School) held the very same lesson for pupils attending holiday revision classes.

Have a look at the resources used and some of our photos below.





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