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In brief, during the first 3 years of our partnership we will aim to develop projects in all of the following areas:


  • Development of ICT skills and Links Language / Communication skills:
  • developing communication skills in English, German, Amharic
  • Environment: examining the local environments in 3 countries
  • Cultural Exchange: sharing of cultural identities via art, stories, drama, music
  • Sport and health: examining the health problems in each cluster and looking at how sport can make improvements
  • Citizenship: how students in each cluster interact with both their local and global environments Identification of specific curriculum areas for development


Project No.1


Tree Planting for World Environment Day:

Each cluster has promised to plant trees to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th 2007. The trees will be indigenous to each region and it is hoped will form the beginnings of an international park/garden which will come to symbolise our partnership.


The Gordon Schools Cluster

Welwitschia Tree-Planting



On Friday 8 June 2007 students from The Gordon Schools, Gordon Primary and Rhynie Primary planted 33 trees in the Moss Wood Community Garden in Rhynie. This event was to celebrate both World Environment Day, which had taken place on 5th June, and the stsrt of the Welwitschia Partnership


The trees were provided by Steve Brown, who works for the Grampian Conservancy and the stakes and tubes necessary for protecting the trees were donated by the Moss Wood Community Garden project members.


The students were divided into 6 teams of three; each group being made up of one pupil from each school. The groups were ably assisted by Paul Manning, George Beverly and Olivia Forbes who are members of the garden project committee.


All the trees planted were ones that can be found locally, including ash and scots pine. The pupils were given a demonstration of how to plant the trees and were then sent off to get on with it.


After a hard morning’s planting the Rhynie school kindly provided the team with refreshments and scones to help recharge the batteries.


The Moss Wood Community Garden was established a year or so ago with grant aid from the Forestry Commission, but it also featured on the BBC Scotland’s Beechgrove Garden show.

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The Lalibela Cluster





The Windhoek Cluster






Ethiopian Millenium


Check this article on Ethiopian new year.

Ethiopian New Year



Project proposals following from partnership visit


It was proposed that the next partnership visit would be to Windhoek and this would take place early July (possibly first week of UK summer holidays). Also the next Partnership Co-ordinator would be Johannes, as the next visit would be to Namibia.


Secondary and Cross-Cluster Plans

Many plans and ideas were submitted to our secondary partners during the course of the visit. Unfortunately one of the stumbling blocks to concrete finalisation of plans was the need to discuss with colleagues back at home. It could not be expected that teachers of science take decisions for teachers of english for example. It was therefore decided that the teachers would take the proposals to their schools to be discussed in detail with the staff. However some plans were made.




Plans to decide on 3 common experiments which can be carried out with each set of results analysed / alternative could be students in TGS filming experiments to enable partner students to take part and record experiment results. (No decision on timing as yet)




production of and exchange of posters / photos of local flora in fauna in each region to enable partners to study different areas

field trip to see welwitschia



Modern Studies

debating of common themes followed by sharing of discussions and results (themes to include arms trade, poverty, globalisation)

also analysis of how these themes impact each country




Inter-school athletic competition (compare results online to find champions) (inter-school highland games????)

learning / teaching of traditional local sports/games




sharing and studying each country's musical heritage




study of local landscapes




look at how pupils with needs are supported in different schools (probably looking at work of psychologists and counsellors)




data collection exercise to see how average body sizes compare



Modern language

exchange information about daily lives in German (Namibia specific) but this could also work with Ethiopia as english is taught as foreign language


Obviously many of these plans came from teachers in UK and projects will need to be discussed with our partners before timescales can be arranged.



Cross - cluster projects

World AIDS Day : . Whenever feasible around 1st December secondary schools will carry out some kind of event (assembly etc) which is prepared and carried out by students to raise awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS in their country. These students would be responsible for promoting the activity and feeding down to cluster primaries in an appropriate mannner


Welly Week: inter-cluster project focussing on putting the boot into poverty. Will involve older students preparing activities for youger students.


Tree Planting: ongoing


Above projects will involve sharing of results etc.



Primary Plans


Can't work how to transfer from google docs to here so just click the link to see.









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