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 Partnership / Cluster Meetings


This page will enable all partners to maintain a record of any meetings which take place regarding the Welwitschia Partnership.



Aberdeenshire Cluster


We have had 2 meetings in the last week; 26th June and 2nd July. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed;

  • Due to amount of activities in TGS during September it was thought that last week in Sept would be best time for visit (w/b 24th Sept)
  • We are currently waiting on funding to come through to enable partners to start making reservations etc
  • Johannes has said lat week in Sept is fine for them, still waiting to hear from Luelseged
  • We thought that the displays could be exchanged during the visit rather than being sent by post .
  • various ideas were discussed with regards to a programme for the visit. Claire in Rhynie would like to bring all visitirs to Rhynie for a day and evening event, TGS in liason with GP (Gordon Primary) will put on a concert and a ceilidh. With links with Glennfiddich a distillery visit could be organised, a visit to a farm, multi-cultural day in TGS, a visit to Dean's shortbread factory
  • Staff in TGS will be asked to identify potential areas of collaboration with african partners and based on partnership plan
  • It would be nice if African visitors could give a performance of some description at the concert evening, obviously this would be reciprocated on future visits.


Friday 24 August

Present A Sutcliffe, T Booth, S Blanc, L-M Cran






Lalibela Cluster





Windhoek Cluster

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